Dear International students (from around the world),

The problems are not aimed at the ‘top-of-the-class’ but at every student who feels CHALLENGED by a problem that involves unusual, entertaining, and not-every-school-day mathematics.

The 51 PROBLEMS should be enough to keep most of you busy for 25 days. It will take some EFFORT before you see how to even approach one or more of the problems. Don’t just flash on them and quit. Think about each one carefully. Ask yourself what principles and equations are relevant to that particular situation. Do not fixate on getting the answer. We advise you to analyze the situation, using the tools you have been learning, and stop worrying about the answer; it will eventually appear, as though by MAGIC! If it doesn’t, you will still have racked up a lot of partial credit if you have documented a rational analysis of the situation.


Willie Yong (SINGAPORE)

Advisor: Professor George Berzseny (USA)

From the desks of:

Willie Yong (SINGAPORE)

Richard Palmaccio (USA)

Jim Boyd (USA)

Don Hinson (ENGLAND, UK)

Jens Carstensen (DENMARK)

Dieter Bennewitz (GERMANY)

Suresh Thakar (INDIA)

Lybomir Lyubenov (BULGARIA)

Aliya Iskakova (KAZAKHSTAN)

Competition Rules and Submission Method

Send your solutions to:  and


1st  round – from December 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017

2nd round – by 15 February, 2017

3rd round – by 15 March, 2017

4th round – by 15 April, 2017

5th round – by 15 May, 2017

6th round – by 15 June, 2017

You may take as many breaks as you like, but they may add up to no more than 1 month.


Reference policy: No interaction with your fellow students, teachers or parents.

This is an INDIVIDUAL competition.


5 points: clear, concise, correct solution

4 points: minor shortcoming in solution

3 points: larger holes in a promising solution

2 points: some good ideas but not much more

1 point: evidence of understanding the problem

0 points: nothing presented that is credible

You should submit FULL DATAILS of the working of your solutions and of your particulars

(Full name, home address, school and class and email).

Send your solutions to: and

Prizes will be awarded to the top 10 contestants.

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